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Professional Strength Training to Overcome Adversity of the Body & Mind

Be comfortable and be confident with your body and your abilities. Discover how you can make that positive change in your life.

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About Tank

Common Misconceptions

You don’t have to lose weight before coming to train with me

You can do things both simultaneously – weight loss & increasing strength

You can train with me now, do it properly and quicker.


Why Train At Tank


Comfortable Environment

Exercising is a personal process that can bring out insecurities and vulnerabilities. With my support and encouragement, you will feel comfortable and confident in achieving the results you desire.


Private Studio

Get a great training session in without the distractions of other people. Focus on what you want and feel comfortable and confident to work hard at it.


Get The Results You Want

When you train with me, we will create, develop, and adjust workout plans that are customized to your goals and needs. At Tank Training, it’s about you, and getting real results fast.

Training Options

Benefit from customised programs and nutritional advice to ongoing measurements and posture analysis. You are set up for success from beginning to end. Focusing on the details, get that body you desire in the shortest amount of time.


Gain access to trial all of our service offerings with a deal like no other for only $47.

Training Prices

What Clients Say

"Hi Folks.. if you are in the Knoxfield area, do yourselves a favour and get on down to See Pete at Tank Training. Pete is a "Coach" not just a trainer. He will bring the best out in you physically and mentally, not just throw a bunch of exercises at you and take your money. Pete spends a tonne of unpaid hours sharpening his skills with the industry's finest and that cannot be said of all who will happily take your money. So for results that make your stronger, fitter and tougher.. see Pete at Tank. You won't be sorry! "

Tracy Welsh

"Hard work as expected but well worth it. Great coach. Awesome atmosphere. Fantastic results. Thanks"

Glenn Richards

"Having lost the motivation for exercise and disliking my mental attitude & physical appearance, I took a chance and entered a competition for a free tank training session. I can honestly say I hit the jackpot in finding Peter.
Providing constant encouragement to achieve goals you didn't think yourself possible of achieving; motivation to take things to the next level; advice and training programmes to undertake at home or whilst on holidays - this man goes above and beyond for his clients. I highly recommend tank training to anyone stuck in a rut and not sure where to start - do yourself a favour and give Tank Training a call, you have nothing to lose but so much to gain!"

Janelle Mitchell

"Peter is an excellent trainer, his program for me is already showing benefits during my normal working day, my energy levels are up! I can do things I haven't been able to do in a long time! Thank you Tank Training!"

Damien Christidis

We’ve Removed The Barriers To Help You Start Today

Join us for your first taste at Tank Training. We’ve created an intro offer so good it’s hard to resist. For a limited time any new members will be able to access our once off $47 pass which is $258 worth of value including the following:

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    Individual Assessment
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    1 on 1 PT Session
  • 3
    2 Weeks of Group Classes



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